Automation as a Tool For Patent Lawyers

The number of patent applications has been growing continuously year after year. With today’s access to technology, it should not be a surprise that people have more time to contemplate new ideas, technologies and devices. To keep track of all that is a big effort which requires automation. Like most companies and organisations, the use of automated tools, document trackers and workflow software help both the government bodies and the private sector in keeping track of patent applications.

Government offices use a lot of automated tools. These include everything from documentation, archiving, search, as well as escalation and document tracking. In order to keep track of all the patents, they have to have tools which can sift through the various applications. In turn these applications have to be sufficiently worded in order to be clear about their design, goals and intentions.

Patent lawyers make use of patent writing software to make sure that every application is unique, addresses a specific idea, as well as to be totally clear about what the item being patented is. Although lawyers are known for being verbose in their choice of words, they do this to ensure that all the bases are covered.

However, patent attorneys still require patent writing software in order to make sure that a patent application is different from every other patent granted or applied for. Writing a unique document day in and day out, without duplicating a prior device, patent application or grant is not an easy task to do. It requires a lot of research and discovery. The use of software and automation tools to write patent applications is not unheard of. In fact, if there are a lot of documents to write, this kind of tool is the only solution.

A patent application is about showing proof that the item being patented is an original idea, or if it is a derivative, is sufficiently different to be considered a totally new device. To put that information into writing takes a lot of time when done manually. The use of abstractions has to give way to concrete examples, including the text description of the device and various drawings necessary to explain and show the qualities of the new device.

Having a unique invention is easy. What is hard is trying to describe it in such a way that the benefits are easily understood, and that there is no intent to copy. There have been a lot of patent litigation cases due to look-alike processes and devices. In most instances, the ownership of the process is under contention due to partnerships. Or it is possible that because of the partnerships, one partner is able to replicate the other one and use an improved version. This can be a big mess for patent lawyers.

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