Pool Rescue

With summer fast approaching, there is no better thing to do than taking the time to relax at the pool. Atlanta, Georgia offers a lot of great swimming pools which are excellent to beat the heat. Unfortunately, if people are not careful enough, swimming pools can be a risky place.

Some of the common accidents, which result in premises liability cases, are drowning and accidents involving swimming pools that happen at private homes or resorts. Drowning in pools, spas, and hot tubs claim a lot of lives every year, and most of them are children.

This coming summer, as more families are planning to head out to have fun in the water the danger of drowning accidents also increases. That’s why it’s time to take a chance to think about swimming pool safety and learn what to do in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Supervise Children all the Time

Responsible parents or adults should always watch children without having any distractions like chatting or reading all the time. If a child is not yet a good swimmer, an adult needs to be in reach of the kid.

There should be no toys at the Pool Area

If no one is playing with toys, then it should be kept away from the pool deck. Kids might be tempted to enter the area unsupervised to play with the toys, which can only lead to an accident.

Buddy System

Even adults who are already good swimmers can still be in an accident at the swimming pool, that’s why it is not safe to swim alone. Go with anyone or just make sure that there is a lifeguard present.

Don’t Drink too much Alcohol and Swim

Swimming while under the influence of alcohol can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Learn CPR

Make sure that there is an adult or anyone who knows how to CPR. Having the ability to do CPR can save lives. By the time it takes for the emergency service to arrive, a person could die if no one does CPR on the victim.


Swimming at James Orange Swimming Pool or Grant Park Pool in the city of Atlanta is not just the best way to cool off in the heat of summer, but it is also an essential life skill. Parents and adults should take pool safety regulations very seriously and help prevent pool accidents in children. By following these easy guidelines, swimming will be much safer, and individuals are more likely to enjoy their pool experience.