Why You Should Make Your Law Firm’s Website Accessible?

When you settle down in your comfort zone with a kind of gadget in your hand or placed right in front of you, what do you do? Well, isn’t it pretty obvious you would be browsing, watching the screen, listening to videos comprehending what’s going on. Next, you do is, interact with elements on the screen by linking a mouse, tapping a keyboard or screen, and eventually, you understand the data that you get back — or at least that’s the goal.

But now imagine, you are in the same position, but this time you are one of those millions of people with eye impairment or hearing impairment, preventing you from normal access and analysis of the content presented.

This certainly would not have been a major problem only if steps were taken to make things easier or proffered more time than usual to decode and complete the tasks. That’s exactly where the need for ADA compliance comes into play.

ADA is an act that was developed and subsequently enacted as a law with an interest to protect the basic human rights of Americans with disabilities, and that’s easy accessibility to websites. Though there aren’t any specific rules that could assert what exactly one needs to do to ensure their websites are ADA compliant. Comprehending and abiding by WCAG and conducting periodic web accessibility audit can help you with your law firm’s web remediation.

However, there’s a lot more than an ADA compliant can fetch you. Therefore, one needs to make web accessibility a top priority. Here are a few reasons why your law firm should do so.

Have a look!

  • Open and equal via accessible web design

Although web accessibility is the right thing to do, when it emerges as a priority, your law firm is bound to relish an enhanced performance and protection from penalties.

Stats state that a person spends nearly 10 hours of his day staring at the screen on average. This certainly implies internet is a ubiquitous aspect of modern life. Thus, one should not be excluding such an aspect when trying to enhance their reach.

The website is meant to reflect the firm. They are a counterpart of your office functioning over the internet, presenting values your firm withholds. Ensuring people can easily access them without hesitation or difficulty impacts your business performance. Therefore, designing your web in a way that’s open and accessible to all is important.

  • Web accessibility for law firms creates a better user experience

Handy design is savvy design. Accessibility measures are regarded best approaches in the web development community. As you function to satisfy these criteria, you will likewise enhance the user experience for everyone visiting your website.

Again, you will likewise be constructing an easier life for a rapidly growing population. Irrespective of age, everyone who has utilized the Internet has encountered frustration attempting to comprehend either too small text or make meaning of an intricate navigation system. Web accessibility for law firms also enables the temporarily capped: those with an arm in a cast, lost their task glasses, or viewing your website on smaller screens or via a lagging internet network.

Clarity and instinctive navigation make it effortless for users to engage with your firm; it constructs a frictionless process.

  • SEO benefits for accessible website

Search engines practically love accessible websites!

In fact, practices concerned with improving website accessibility even have a natural SEO advantage, including:

  • Constructing a precise site navigation layout
  • Adding alt tags to pictures
  • Furnishing captions and transcripts for videos

To accomplish the task of indexing the data and making it “globally accessible and helpful”, Google deploys bots and crawlers that wriggle around the Internet, tracking links, scanning through pages, and straining to make sense of web pages and websites.

These programs toil to make sense of graphic information, so they “read” the alt tags in pictures and the transcripts supplied for videos.

  • Web accessibility can prevent legal complications

Law firms need to comply with developing accessibility rulings related to the digital world. Considering that this trend will not go off the market any time soon, the dependence would gradually increase. Therefore, it is recommended to have an expert on board and regularly conduct a web accessibility audit to keep this in check.

Wrap Up!

Overtime restrictions relating to ADA for websites have evolved an inevitable component of the marketing landscape. However, since constructing an ADA compliant website doesn’t confirm the job is accomplished, hiring experienced ADA web accessibility consulting & assistance providers for proficient help is important.